Coaching and Training

In team coaching, we work on the topics that are relevant to you, to ensure that everyone can play to their strengths, so you can move mountains together as a stable unit. I pay particular attention to finding realistic solutions that can be implemented in your organizational context.

With individual coaching, you have a wide range of topics that we can work on together. By strengthening your existing resources and looking at new perspectives, we can find answers together and support you in making decisions on seemingly unsolvable problems.

Service Design 

Service design is a systematic innovation-method for developing excellent services and product designs from the context of agile workshops. It uses the creative resources of interdisciplinary teams.

So whether you want to develop a new product or optimize an existing service; with Service Design you create innovative solutions that make you and your organization unique.

You can find out more about service design and whether the method is suitable for you and your team on the following page