What requirements must be met for teams to work effectively?

According to research from Amy C. Edmondson, re:work, Patrick Lencioni and others, it can be condensed to the following factors:

  • Psychological safety, in order to be able to learn from mistakes and enable development
  • Clearly defined, measurable goals and roles
  • Purpose and reason for the existence of the team are known to members
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Constructive communication and reliable colleagues
  • Diversity

I offer workshops, moderation and coaching on the topics of team empowerment and effective communication in German and English

What I can support you with

Service Design

Whether you want to develop a new product or optimize an existing service: with service design you create innovative solutions that make you unique! This applies to established companies and founders!


Are you currently in the transformation process and want to forestall growing pains? Or are you in the process of developing a common vision or goal and defining your purpose?

Team- and personal coaching

Your team wants to enable everyone to contribute according to their strengths, and build an appreciative communication culture?
Or do you deal with topics such as role expectations, professional reorientation or decision-making? 

About me

People are good, and they want to cooperate (if not: there are very good reasons that need to be taken seriously). To find out how they can contribute in the best way, is my passion. 

This is how I came to my training as a systemic organizational coach, in which I combined my enthusiasm for interpersonal relationships with useful tools. Now I accompany people, teams and organizations in iterative processes on the way to a more fulfilling cooperation and work.


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